Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Electronic Game Card Ships Next Generation

The "Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM)" targets the globally expanding $5 billion virtual and real poker tournament market. This new application of the Electronic GameCard(TM) is in line with EGC business strategy to expand the core technology into new markets, applications and commercial sectors, maximising the Electronic GameCard(TM) and offering revenue potential and market penetration.

The Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) incorporates the Poker Winning Seat, patent protected systems of poker player interaction, with the Electronic GameCard(TM) to produce a unique, exclusive, and highly advanced hybrid product. The Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) offers a unique Poker Tournament interaction for operators, promoters, players and tournament spectators to extend the interest, revenues and opportunities to win for all parties.

The Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) allows all tournament players and spectators to have an additional interest in the players sitting at the final poker table. In addition, the Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) gives every player the chance to win instant prizes, which could include food, drink, merchandising, next tournament entry (like replay vouchers) or additional cash prizes.

All Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) players have a stake at the final table in the tournament and if the poker tournament winner was seated in the relevant seat on the player's Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) then the holder benefits by the distribution of a separate tournament prize pot, all redeemed through the presentation of a winning Poker Winning Seat GameCard (TM) to the cash desk.