Thursday, February 14, 2008

Casino kicks off poker tournament

Members of the local business community attended a poker tournament Wednesday at Horseshoe Casino, 2701 23rd Ave., in preparation for a world series of poker circuit event this Sunday.
Approximately 50 people signed up for the Metro Community Poker Challenge and competed for a three-night stay in a Harrah's property in Las Vegas, Nev., for free.

The second place prizes included dinner at Jack Binon's Steak House and third place received tickets to the Village Square Buffet.

The upcoming event will not be won so cheaply, with the lowest buy-in price of $175. Nearly 60 tables are waiting to be filled with straight-faced poker players.

The circuit championship events require up to $5,000 to buy-in.
This is the second year a circuit event has been held locally. Horseshoe is one of 12 casinos hosting a circuit event nationwide.

Winners are automatically entered into the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas, Nev., where prizes can be astronomical.

Participants can look forward to matching wits with poker legend Amarillo Slim Preston who has been called the greatest gambler who ever lived. He won the WSOP in 1972 and will try his luck again this weekend.