Monday, March 17, 2008

Hacking of Online Casino Now a Legal Matter

The online casino has become the latest victim of internet hackers, now suffering from severe extortion plots. The latest cyber attack targeted Gala E-Commerce, and caused the online casino to be shut down for more than 90 minutes.

The Head of Internet Security at the online casino, Peter Bassill, explained that a 'more sophisticated form' of attack was used by the hackers to achieve such a feat. According to this form, the hackers gathered stolen credit card and personal player information for a period of over 4 months, to prepare for a sudden mass infiltration of the personal accounts held at the online casino.

During the attack itself, 30,000 computers were utilized as bots in order to duplicate the patterns regularly used by the site's real users. In addition, these bots were designed to block the firewall resisting the hackers' penetration into the site.

According to the Gala Coral online casino, such attacks can often incur demands of more than $100,000, and they are likely to occur up to 2 times each year. Bassill commented that the hackers' ability to penetrate an online casino in such a way clearly suggests an equal capability to infiltrate larger and more influential companies, such as the nuclear power industry.

As such, he and the rest of the online casino staff believe that the internet hacking issue has become a case of national security, and as such they have turned to law enforcement authorities for further assistance.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Casino kicks off poker tournament

Members of the local business community attended a poker tournament Wednesday at Horseshoe Casino, 2701 23rd Ave., in preparation for a world series of poker circuit event this Sunday.
Approximately 50 people signed up for the Metro Community Poker Challenge and competed for a three-night stay in a Harrah's property in Las Vegas, Nev., for free.

The second place prizes included dinner at Jack Binon's Steak House and third place received tickets to the Village Square Buffet.

The upcoming event will not be won so cheaply, with the lowest buy-in price of $175. Nearly 60 tables are waiting to be filled with straight-faced poker players.

The circuit championship events require up to $5,000 to buy-in.
This is the second year a circuit event has been held locally. Horseshoe is one of 12 casinos hosting a circuit event nationwide.

Winners are automatically entered into the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas, Nev., where prizes can be astronomical.

Participants can look forward to matching wits with poker legend Amarillo Slim Preston who has been called the greatest gambler who ever lived. He won the WSOP in 1972 and will try his luck again this weekend.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Electronic Game Card Ships Next Generation

The "Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM)" targets the globally expanding $5 billion virtual and real poker tournament market. This new application of the Electronic GameCard(TM) is in line with EGC business strategy to expand the core technology into new markets, applications and commercial sectors, maximising the Electronic GameCard(TM) and offering revenue potential and market penetration.

The Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) incorporates the Poker Winning Seat, patent protected systems of poker player interaction, with the Electronic GameCard(TM) to produce a unique, exclusive, and highly advanced hybrid product. The Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) offers a unique Poker Tournament interaction for operators, promoters, players and tournament spectators to extend the interest, revenues and opportunities to win for all parties.

The Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) allows all tournament players and spectators to have an additional interest in the players sitting at the final poker table. In addition, the Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) gives every player the chance to win instant prizes, which could include food, drink, merchandising, next tournament entry (like replay vouchers) or additional cash prizes.

All Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) players have a stake at the final table in the tournament and if the poker tournament winner was seated in the relevant seat on the player's Poker Winning Seat GameCard(TM) then the holder benefits by the distribution of a separate tournament prize pot, all redeemed through the presentation of a winning Poker Winning Seat GameCard (TM) to the cash desk.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Poker machines

One of the world's most storied professions is becoming automated but it's creating a standoff between the dealers and the house.

Quebec's 1,450 unionized croupiers said yesterday they will boycott a test next week of 25 automated poker tables at the Montreal Casino. The dry run will involve no-money games reserved for Loto-Québec staff.
The automated tables, which deal virtual cards to players, are to open to the public at all three provincial gaming houses on Friday.

With the machines, Loto-Québec wants to usher Texas Hold 'Em - a highly popular form of poker - into its casinos. The crown corporation also will start to offer the game at tables with croupiers.

The croupiers, who are about to enter contract talks, say the tables are illegal and charmless.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Greatest poker player

The greatest poker player that ever lived recently passed away at the age of 56.

David "Chip" Reese wasn't the most famous name in poker, but he certainly was the consummate poker pro. More than any player in the world, he understood the importance of balance and consistency in his life. To Chip's everlasting credit, he always put his family first.
Now, there's no such thing as a perfect poker player, but Chip came about as close as you'll ever get. Friends told moving stories about him at his funeral. There was one particular story that really stood out to me.
It seems that Chip was frequently asked the question, "How can you play in the toughest games, against the best players in the world, and still win on a regular basis?"
Chip answered that when those other guys played their best games, they were fantastic. In fact, at their best, their A-games might have been better than his.
But, as Chip said, "My worst game just isn't much different than my best, and that's where I get my edge."
Think about that for a moment. There's a lot of wisdom in those words, because at the poker table, you're only as good as you are on your worst days.
It's all about consistency.
No surprise, poker players tend to perform at extremely high levels when things are going well. Many of those same players, though, lose their cool and go on tilt when the cards suddenly turn against them. It's a phenomenon that's left too many talented players in the poorhouse.

It's simply not good enough to play your best some of the time. You have to bring consistency to your game, just like Chip Reese did, day in and day out.
The first step to building poker consistency is to recognize what causes your game to suffer performance swings from high to low. Then, do something about it!
That takes introspection on your part. It means learning what makes you tick and having the discipline to make the right decisions in regards to your playing style and bankroll.
Study your poker sessions and look for any troubling patterns. Even though you might think you play just as well when you're losing, chances are you're not.
Figure out what situations most adversely affect your game.
For many players, bad beats will send them reeling from their best game to their worst. Streaks of bad luck can cause players to get emotionally involved. They start chasing their money and then find themselves in full-scale tilt mode.
You can't let that happen. Don't ignore what you know to be fundamental poker and make incorrect plays in an attempt to quickly get back to even.
Too much time at the table can also destroy an otherwise solid poker game.
Chip could play 24-hour sessions at the felt without his game faltering. That ability is rare, almost superhuman. Don't expect that type of endurance from yourself.
Instead, vary the length of your sessions and monitor your performance over time. Don't be afraid to quit when you feel your game beginning to tank, and consider putting a loss limit on your session to protect yourself when it does. Extend your playing time only when you're winning.
The one element that best demonstrates successful long-term performance is consistency in results. No one knew that better than Chip. So, keep track of your poker wins and losses. If your average loss is greater than your average win, you've got some work to do.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Casino named - Company of the Year

The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma honored the Keetoowah Cherokee Casino as the 2007 Eastern Oklahoma Chapter Company of the Year.
The award is based upon the overall accomplishments as a successful business and role model for other Indian-owned businesses.

Monday, January 08, 2007


UK based gambling operator Ladbrokes PLC, announced today that it has entered into a joint venture with Spanish company Cirsa Slot Corp, to develop a sports betting business for the Spanish market.

The venture will apply for the new betting licenses being offered in Madrid, where a decree was passed in December to regulate dedicated betting shops, betting kiosks — bars, arcades and bingo halls — and remote betting (telephone and Internet) for the first time.

Ladbrokes, which has recently applied for similar licences in Italy, confirmed that applications for the licenses, which initially last five years but are renewable, will be submitted to the Madrid regional government when requested, most likely by mid-January.

Christopher Bell, Chief Executive of Ladbrokes plc commented, 'This represents another major step forward in our international aspirations. In December we opened our first shops in Italy and successfully tendered for new licences. Now we have formed a JV with a market leader in Spain that gives us access to a network of thousands of potential site operators.”

The joint venture will also seek to acquire betting licenses in other areas of Spain also considering regulation. The Spanish gambling market was worth around €29 billion ($37.7 billion) last year, Ladbrokes said.

Cirsa Slot accounts for 9 percent of the Spanish slot machine market, servicing over 15,000 food and beverage outlets with gaming areas and 90 arcades. The company is a division of Cirsa Corp.
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